Excitement in Iceland June 2012

05.06 2012 | G. Pétur Matthíasson

Excitement in Iceland June 2012

The Via Nordica 2012 conference in Iceland 11th -13th June is shaping up. Apart from 20 parallel sessions arranged by the Nordic Road Association's (NVF) 16 Technical committees there will be five Plenum sessions with many interesting speakers

To name a few: In the opening session the Swedish historian Gunnar Wetterberg will start with a tale about roads in the Nordic Golden Age and how roads and transport can lead to a new Nordic Golden Age. In the session the focus will be on politics and road authorities, how decisions are made.  

There will be a session about how road traffic is going greener and Senior vice president Lars Stenqvist, Scania, will talk about in what context the future of vehicle development should continue. . Mobility management will be Elizabeth Deakin's topic. She is a UC Berkley professor of City and Regional Planning and has, apart from many Magsinet forsíða.JPGother things, on several occasions testified for committees of the US Congress and for the California Legislature.  “In the future it will be forbidden for safety reasons for people to drive cars,” predicts a speaker in Plenum 5: Beyond the Crossroads; is the Future Ours to See? Raul Rojas is a professor at Berlin's Free University (FU) and he also says: "The cars of today are the horses of yesterday."

In addition to the professional programme those attending the conference will have the opportunity to explore Iceland´s renowned natural attractions through available guided tours or individually.

The slogan for the congress is Via Nordica - At a Crossroads. It brings into focus the challenges we face today, not least in the field of road transport and the environment, and our need to make some fundamental decisions on what route to take and where to head in the near future. See more on the Nordic Road Association at www.nvfnorden.org