In the period 2008 - 2012, 14 technical committees and two theme groups of NVF have been working towards the Via Nordica 2012. The committees were responsible for most of the parallel sessions at the conference. This congress was therefore the culmination of four years' hard work. The Via Nordica 2012 Program Committee was mostly responsible for the Plenary sessions.

Here below is the program and you can see abstracts and presentations used in the different sessions.

Sunday, 10 June

14:00 - 18:00


18:00 - 20:00

Get together

Monday, 11 June

08:00 - 16:00


09:00 - 17:00

Opening of exhibition

09:30 - 10:30

Opening ceremony

Hreinn Haraldsson, the chairman of the Nordic Road Association, will open the congress. Ögmundur Jónasson Minister of the Interior, Jean-François Corté Secretary General of PIARC and Skirmantas Skrinskas Chairman of BRA will address the congress.

10:45 - 12:15

Plenary session 1

Where in the world is common sense? - Politics and road authorities.

Gunnar Wetterberg - Páll Skúlason - DiscussionsHow are decisions made, who makes them and why. The Swedish historian Gunnar Wetterberg will be going over the golden ages of the Nordic countries and how the development of roads annd transport can lead to a new golden age. Professor of philosophy Páll Skúlason will talk about the best methods for improving decision making [presentation]. The session will conclude with a discussion between Gunnar and Páll, Ögmundur Jónasson, Minister of the Interior, Ingemar Skogö former Director General of Swedish Road Administration and Professor Elizabeth Deakin, UC Berkely, USA.

Session Chair: G. Pétur Matthíasson, Communication officer Icelandic Road Administration

12:15 - 13:30

Official opening of exhibition - Lunch

13:30 - 15:00

Session 1-1

Road pavements

R&D prize competition (contributors' results)

Projects that are competing for the 2012 Road pavements price were introduced. The winner was Arnar Halldórsson from Iceland.

Session Chair: Lotte Josephsen [introduction]

-Presentations of projects that competed for the Road pavement committee’s R&D Price 2012.


Sverige: Anna Niska, vti: Measuring the Surface Evenness of Cycle Paths [presentation]

Norge: Doreen Fritzsche, Statens vegvesen Vegdirektoratet: Road surface texture and its importance for noise [presentation]

Island: Arnar Halldórsson, Lýsi hf: Fish Oil Ethyl Esters for Bitumen Modification in Surface Dressing [presentation]

Danmark:  Erling Kristiansen, Grontmij: Performance Based Contracts and Partnership Contracts for Road Maintenance – concept examples [presentation]

Finland: Helena Lehtimäki, M.Sc. (Tech): Rejuvenating RAP with light oil products and a new mixing method for hot in-plant recycling [presentation]


Session 1-2


Building with total awareness - New competence

Case studies on major bridge projects involving increased awareness. Follow-up of adoption of new European standards. Research results of life-cycle aware design.

Session Chair: Risto Kiviluoma

Henrik Elgaard Jensen (DK): Fehmarnbelt fixed link [presentation]

Anders Samuelsson (S):  Bridges of new Slussen

Stein Kleiven (S): Partihalls-bridge project [presentation]

Bjørn Ivar Isaksen (N): Hardanger Suspension Bridge [presentation]

Heikki Lilja (FI): Adoption of bridge Eurocodes in Nordic countries [presentation]

Matti Piispanen (FI): Life-cycle aware design of bridges: research results and case studies [presentation]

Silfurberg A

Session 1-3

Information systems - ICT

On the way to smart e-services - From road- and traffic data through standardisation to smart services.

What is required to make smart e-services work most effectively? The importance of information as a basis for decision making when serious events occur. What framework is required for services? Politics and norms. The importance of the most up-to-date information and its quality. Presentation of a new shortfilm focusing on this question.

Session ChairHans Jørgen Larsen, Chefkonsulent, Vejdirektoratet i Danmark.

Erik Kjems (DK): Data Quality and Availability is Essential for Smart Roads and Traffic Services!

Peter Wessel (S): Functionality needed?

Ellen Strandenæs (N): Political and organizational prerequisites?

Idar Kirkhorn (N): Thechnical issues to be solved?

Maria Jernbacker (S): Summary - and business justification.

[All presentations in one file here.]

Shortfilm can be found here.

Silfurberg B

Session 1-4

Strategic planning

Planning of cross border transport

Collaboration in the field of cross-border transport between Nordic countries with an emphasis on infrastructures and their role. Two projects will be examined, the Öresund bridge and the Haparanda-Tornio project, ten years before and ten years after their construction. The impact of these infrastructures on the community will be examined, as well as the pros and cons of collaboration between countries.

Session Chair (Moderator):Susanne Ingo

Daniel Persson (S):  Erfaringer fra Øresundsregionen siden 2000 og strategier frem mod 2020 [presentation]

Ulla Alapeteri(FI)and Britt-Marie Majbäck (S):   Planer for udviklingen af et nyt handelscentrum: Haparanda – Tornio

Video Haparanda-Tornio

15:00 - 15:30

Coffee break

15:30 - 17:00

Plenary session 2

Road traffic goes greener

Jacques Marmy - Lars Stenqvist - Thorsteinn R. Hermannsson - Ásgeir Ívarsson. Experts from road transprot industry will diskuss the future framework in road transport. Jacques Marmy, head of technical affairs in the International Road Transport Union (IRU) will talk about the reduction of CO2 emissions from heavy vechicles [presentation]. Senior vice president Lars Stenqvist, Scania, will talk about in what context the future of vehicle development should continue [presentation]. Þorsteinn R. Hermannsson transportation engineer and Ásgeir Ívarsson chemical engineer from Mannvit Engineering, will talk about efficient measures to decrease private vehicle emissions in a local context [presentation].

Session chair: Mårten Johansson, director of Technical Affairs, Swedish Association of Road Transport Companies

Tuesday, 12 June

08:00 - 16:00


09:00 - 10:30

Plenary session 3

Vision zero goes global

Claes Tingvall (presentation made by Matts-Åke Belin) - Diensh Sethi - Anders Eugensson.  Claes Tingvall (Mats-Åke Belin), the father of vision zero, discusses the new challenges of public investment and the need for collaboration between NGO's and market entities [presentation]. Diensh Sethi, Program Manager from WHO, will discuss traffic accidents as a growing public health issue [presentation]. Anders Eugensson Director from Volvo will discuss Volvo's objective of ensuring that no-one is killed in a new Volvo car by the year 2020 [presentation].

Session chair: Lars Ekman chairman of NVF traffic safety committee, Sweden

10:30 - 10:45

Coffee break

10:45 - 12:15

Session 2-1

Road construction

Ground investigations, pavement design, materialmodels, life cycle costs and asset management

Ground Investigation for road projects as well as challenges and future solutions in pavement design and road engineering will be discussed. Material models for stabilizing soil, life cycle cost analysis and asset management will also be examined in this context.

Session chair: Haraldur Sigursteinsson [intro]

Panu Tolla (FI): Ground Investigation for Road Projects [presentation]

Leif Jørgen Bakløkk (N): Challenges and future solutions in Pavement Design and Road Engineering [presentation]

Tony Andersen and Finn Thøgersen (DK): Roads stabilized for the future [presentation]

Rober Karlson (S): Life cycle costing (LCC) og Asset management [presentation]

Session 2-2


ITS – booster of efficiency and sustainability in the transport sector. What are the benefits of European cooperation?

The session discusses European cooperation in the field of ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems). Major European projects eSafety and Easyway are discussed in view of how they impact both larger corporations and SMEs and how they influence authorities and policy making.

Session Chair: Eva Schelin and Susanne Planath [intro]

Session abstract

- European cooperation, two examples of cooperation and benefits from a Nordic perspective:

Risto Kulmala (FI): E-Safety [presentation]

Kjersti Leiren Boag (N): Easyway [presentation]

- Results, effects and achievements: 

Charlotte Vithen (DK): The operator/authority perspective on EU-cooperation [presentation]

Niclas Nygren (S): The large industry perspective; how can the output of Easyway & eSafety be integrated in the development and production at Volvo? [presentation]

Per Hedelund (DK): The SME-perspective; how does common rules and standards affect SME companies? [presentation]

Panel discussion with the speakers and questions from the floor - European cooperation within ITS – hot or not in future development of the transport sector?

Session 2-3


Water and the natural environment – environmental diversity – why and how?

How are we handling water and rural areas in road projects. There will be discussion on handeling of road water in Denmark and what are the consequences of the EU Water Frame Directive to road owners. Also how Norway is working with contractors to minimize the negative effects on the landscape and biodiversity.

Session Chair (moderator):Sigmund Riis

Marianne Grauert (DK): Effects of road run-off to the nearby environment in Denmark  [presentation]

Astrid Brekke Skrindo (N) og Elisabet Kongsbakk (N): Building roads in rural areas - working with the contractors to minimize the negative effects on the landscape and biodiversity [presentation]

Session 2-4


Accessibility for all/Universal design

The importance of taking all road users into account when it comes to access for all. Universal design takes this into account. The emphasis of the seminar will be on transport infrastructure and the whole journey. Solutions that are to be found in Nordic countries. Examples will be taken of routes in Reykjavík and access will be discussed, as well as shared spaces and audits on accessibility for all.

Session Chair: Bjørn Kåre Steinset

Bjørn Kåre Steinset (N): Introduction [presentation]

Ingrid Rindal Øvsteng (N): Universal design in the entire travel chain [presentation]

Karin Renström (S): Design Solutions in the Nordic countries – similarities and differences [presentation]

Jacob Deichmann (DK)What is accessibility audit? A virtual walk in Reykjavik with comments [presentation]

Roger Johansson (S): Shared space [presentation]

12:15 - 13:30


13:30 - 15:00

Plenary session 4

Mobility management - Network operation

Elizabeth Deakin - Charlotte Vithen. Elizabeth Deakin, a professor at the Univeristy of California, Berkeley, will discuss mobility management and attitudes to it on both sides of the Atlantic [presentation]. Charlotte Vithen, Director of Roads and Trafic in the Danish Road Directorate, will talk about how they have integrated what is known as Network operations [presentation].

Session chair: Þorsteinn R. Hermannsson, Transportation Engineer at Mannvit

15:00 - 15:30

Coffee break

15:30 - 17:00

Session 3-1

Traffic safety

Success factors for road safety in the Nordic countries

Road safety success in the Nordic countries. Vision zero must have goals. Overview of successful work in the field of traffic safety.

Session Chair: Guro Ranes

Lars Ekman (S): Effective tools to work in line with the Vision Zero [presentation]

Rune Elvik (N): Road safety measures, a cataloge of estamated effects [presentation]

Arild Ragnøy(presented by Guro Ranes) (N): Speed camera, the nordic approach  [presentation]

Roger Johansson (S) & Grethe Myhrberg (N)Roads and streets managed, designed and maintained with respect to trafic safety. [presentation]

Session 3-2


Nordic research and development of traffic and road systems

What is NordFoU and how does it work? There will also be information on actual projects carried out within this framework like Pavement Performance Models, Nordic system for classification of traffic e.t.c.

Session Chair: Jon Korkeborg

Brian Gross Larsen (DK): What is NordFoU? [presentation]
Susanne Baltzer (DK): Pavement Performance Models [presentation]

Torgeir Vaa (N): NorSIKT (Nordisk System for Intelligent Klassificering av Trafikk) [presentation]

Bernt Freiholtz (S): Tunnelsikkerhet [presentation]

Matti Piispanen (FI): ETSI3 [presentation]

Session 3-3

Organisation of the market

Contracting procedures and practices

Organisation of the market. Is there a Nordic model? Impact of changes in institutional organisation in Finland and Sweden. Renewed contract strategy for Operations and Maintenance, Denmark.

Session Chair: Bjørn Selnes

- Har vi en nordisk modell?:

Bjørn Selnes (N): Et overblikk [presentation]

- Trafikkverksmodeller- fra sentralt og regionalt hold, likheter og ulikheter:

Stefan Engdahl (S): Konskvenser av effektivisering i Sverige. [presentation]

Rita Piirainen (FI): Erfaringer med et lite bestillerapparat og forvaltningsreformens rolle i Finland [presentation]

- Erfaringer med ulike kontraktsformer: :

Magnus Lundberg (S): Erfaringer med PPP fra Sverige [presentation]

Jonathan Hermansen, Michael Ebbesen (DK):  Renewed contract strategy fo operation and maintenance [presentation]

Session 3-4

Road pavements

Environmental focus on roads and pavements

How can environmental impact be part of the tender? How can roads save energy? Significant environmental benefits from recycling asphalt. Status on Warm Mix Asphalt.

Session Chair: Lars Forsten [welcome]

Leena Korkiala-Tanttu (FI): How environmental impacts can be part of the DB (Design and Build) tendering   [presentation]

Ole Jan Nielsen (DK): Energy-Saving Road [presentation]

Carl Christian Thodesen (N)Recycled Asphalt [presentation]

Björn Kalman (S): A green future for asphaltpavements  [presentation]

19:00 - 00:00


Wednesday, 13 June

09:00 - 10:30

Session 4-1


Risk assessment, Life Cycle Costs, Efficient tunnel construction

Efficient tunnel construction with optimal quality. Development of best practice methodology with a special focus on the risks of tunnel construction. Planning maintenance of rock by applying life cycle cost analysis.

Session chair: Heidi Berg [intro]

Hermann Sigurdsson (IS): Efficient Tunnel Production - at proper quality [presentation]

Guro Ranes (N): Development of a best practice methodology for risk assessment in roadway tunnels. [presentation]

Robert Pettersson (S): Observations on Life Cycle Costs in Nordic Road Tunnels  [presentation]

Session 4-2

Vehicles and transport

More efficient traffic management, road safety and inspections

Introduction to best working procedures with regard to heavy traffic. Inspection of transport vehicles. Interaction between transport vehicles and roads.

Session Chair: Mårten Johansson

Rune Damm(N): Best practice for heavy vehicles [presentation]

Hans Skat (DK): Abnormal Transport [presentation]

Johan Granlund (S): Interaction between transport vehicles and roads. [presentation]

Hans Olav Simonsen (N): How to benefit from safety-developments in heavy vehicles and infrastructure [presentation]

Jorge Soria Galvarro (S): Inspection of transport vehicles - Calibration of roller brake testing equipment. [presentation]

Jørn-Henrik Carstens (DK): Improved brakes on heavy vehicle combinations. Amendment of UN ECE regulation 13. [presentation]

Session 4-3

Urban transport

Urban transport packages - Strategies for synergy

"Urban transport packages" are strategic tools used in a larger context of urban development. These packages often address conflicting political views. Transport systems and land use development are planned in relation to each other in order to achieve maximum synergy.

Session ChairGuro Berge
Klas Nydahl (S)The Citytunnel of Malmö  [pesentation]
Jens Christian Højgård, Michael Knørr Skov og Per Gellert (DK): Omdannelse av Nörrebrogade / Re-arrangements at Nörrebrogade  [pesentation]
Risto Laaksonen (FI): Tampere city centre project [pesentation]

Session 4-4


Skills development and recruitment.

Presentation of the theme group's work during the period. Continuing education incentives in Norway and Sweden. Changes that have occurred in Finland.

Session Chair: Jens E Pedersen

Jens E. Pedersen (DK): Præsentation af temagruppens arbejde: Kompetensutveckling ogh rekrytering [presentation]

Tore Hoven (N): Norge inspireret til opbygning af en efterudddanelses organisation [presentation]

Britt-Marie Majbäck(S): Sveriges inspiration til etablering af KIA  [presentation]

Jukka Hopeavuori (FI): Finland i forandring  [presentation]

10:30 - 11:00

Coffee break

11:00 - 12:30

Session 5-1

Design of roads and streets

Flexibility in the city

Conclusions of the committee's work during the period. Model used to calculate capacity of urban traffic infrastructure. What is the ideal transition point with regard to travellers. "Shared space".

Session Chair: Stein Kleiven

Per Strömgren (S): Kapacitet och köberäkning – modeller för motorväg, [presentation]

Ylva Löf (S): Den ideala bytespunkten – med resenären i centrum [presentation]

Bjarne Winterberg (DK): Shared space [presentation]

Session 5-2

Road construction

Climate change – Effects and road owner's adaptation

Climate change in the Nordic countries until the turn of the century; The Climate and transport project in Norway and effect on road construction; Adapting to climate change in the Nordic and the CEDR countries as well as effect on maintenance and operation will be discussed.

Session chair: Skuli Thordarson

Jostein Mamen (N): Klimautvikling i Norden fram mot 2100, [presentation]

Per Otto Aursand (N): Climate and transportation project in Norway: Pavement performance in a changed climate, [presentation

Eira Järviluoma (FI): Adaptation to the climate change, [presentation]

Gordana Petkovic (N): Klimatilpasningsstragegier i CEDR-landene [presentation]

Kerstin Alquist (SE): Climate adaptation of the Swedish road transport system [presentation]

Session 5-3

Operations and Maintenance

Winter maintenance in the Nordic countries

Presentation of the committee's work in the 2008-2012 period. An introduction to the status report and the literature overview, with information on specific projects. Presentation of a Nordic project regarding the development of methods to test the quality of salt distribution. Presentation on the situation in Iceland concerning maintenance and operation in case of diminished funding.

Session Chair: Anders Östregård

 Anders Östergård (FI): Opening: Presentation of the work in NVF- Operations and Maintenance

Bård Nonstad (N): An introduction to the NVF status report and the literature overview [presentation]

Representatives from the Nordic countries: Short presentations from specific projects in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland and the Faroes [presentation]

Tine Damkjær (DK): Nordic project regarding the development of methods to test the quality of salt spreaders [presentation]

Bjørn Olafsson (IS): Presentation of the situation in Iceland regarding maintenance and operation in the case of diminished funding [presentation]

Session 5-4

Organisation and market

Key figures, benchmarking

Key figures in road construction and how they apply to market entities.

Session Chair: Gunnar Tunkrans

Jan-Olof Andersson (S): Presentere utvalg av nøkkeltall, , Trafikkverket Sverige [presentation]

Peter Molin (FI): Bransjens perspektiv, presentasjon av nøkkeltall og betraktninger [presentation]

Peter Storm (DK): Nordisk market set fra driftsentreprenørs side [presentation]

12:30 - 14:00


14:00 - 15:30

Plenary session 5

The future beyond the crossroads

Raul Rojas (presented by Tionshc Ganjineh)Eeva Linkama - Ari Trausti Gudmundsson. The future. Eeva Linkama, Senior Advise, Finnish Ministry of Transport and Communucation, will speak about the Finns' vision for the future and the new generation approach in urban and transport policy [presentation]. Prof. Raul Rojas (presentet by Tinoshc Ganjineh) from the University of Berlin conducts experiments with autonomous cars and looks upon today's vehicles as yesterday's horses [presentation]. Ari Trausti Gudmundsson, geophysicist looks to the future and believes that man alone cannot determine how it will be, since the mighty forces of nature also have to be taken into account [presentation].

Session chair: Ríkharður Kristjánsson, manager Technics and Development, IAV, Iceland

15:30 - 16:00

Coffee break

16:00 - 16:45

NVF Prizes

The Bridge prize, the Road pavement R&D prize and the Skill development prize.

16:45 - 17:15

Closing of the conference

Norway assumes the chairmanship of NVF