Eeva Linkam


Eeva Linkam

Master of Science in Technology, Senior Adviser, Finnish Ministry of Transport and Communications, Transport Policy Department

Eeva Linkama is an active developer of transport administration and transport policy. She is a ‘rethinker’ with a passion for questioning the traditional thinking and operating models in order to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of transport policy - to achieve better with less.

She has vast experience of transport system related development and managerial tasks in the Finnish Road Administration, combined with a few years of experience with development tasksin the Swedish Vägverket.

Eeva Linkama has taken active part in a variety of different projects aimed at improving the effectiveness and productivity of public administration at large.

In recent years, she has been a key figure in the extensive agency reform of the Finnish transport administration and in the Transport Revolution development programme. The Transport revolution aims at bringing forward an operating culture and model for a new generation of urban and transport planning and seeking to boost the productivity and effectiveness of transport policy over the long term.

Lately, Eeva Linkama has been involved in the preparation of a transport policy report which lays down transport policy lines for the coming years and aims at bringing the new thinking and operating models to the core of Finnish transport policy in the near future already.

The Transport Revolution report can be found in the following link: