Jacques Marmy


Jacques Marmy

Of Swiss nationality, Jacques Marmy graduated in Automotive Engineering in 1995 from Bienne Engineering College, Switzerland.

From 1990 up to 2005, he was respectively Automotive Technician for BMW in Switzerland, Cab Designer for Freightliner in Oregon, US, Accident Reconstruction Expert for DEKRA in Germany and Manager of Vehicle Homologation at DaimlerChrysler Corp. in Switzerland.

Board Member of the International Forum for Road Transport Technology (IFRTT) and Dangerous Goods Safety Adviser, Jacques Marmy entered the International Road Transport Union (IRU) in 2005 as engineer in charge of technical affairs.

He represents the IRU in particular at the UN Committee of Experts, in the Working Parties on the Transport of Dangerous Goods at the ECE in Geneva and the European Union in Brussels.