Horseback riding

13:00 – 17:00

Horseback riding - With an introduction of the Icelandic horse

Horseback riding on an Icelandic horse is the authentic way to experience Iceland. Lively presentation where we combine the history and culture together with the Icelandic horse. Before the riding tour our guests get instruction in Icelandic horsemanship which makes this tour suitable for both very experienced riders as well as beginners. While we enjoy the ride on extraordinary comfortable horses we will experience black and red lava landscape in scenic vistas of the mountains surrounding Reykjavík. We offer you unique experience on great horses. ÍSLENSKI HESTURINN - THE ICELANDIC HORSE has saddles, reins and helmets and in addition rain clothes if necessary. Duration 3-4 hours.

Date: 10. June
Price: 100 €
Departure: 13:00